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On Site Testing

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At Middle Country Medical Care, we conduct different medical tests that include allergy testing, blood testing, STD testing, and urine analysis.

Allergy Testing

Children may get allergies at any age, thus they can be tested for allergies at any age. A skin allergy test can be executed to perform the allergy testing. It can help in determining allergic conditions such as food allergies, hay fever, penicillin allergy etc.

On Site Blood Testing

Many blood tests are performed by the medical laboratories and the most common type of the blood test is CBC. This test is performed to measure the amount of hemoglobin in the blood along with numbers of red blood cells, white blood cells and the hematocrit. Blood testing becomes vital in number of conditions such as evaluating organ function, diagnosing illness, discerning blood types, identifying certain deficiencies, etc.

Common Pediatric Blood Tests

Infants and children are at more risk of infections than adults and thus, require blood tests. Some of the common pediatric laboratory blood tests for infant and children include:

  • Complete blood count
  • Tests for lead poisoning
  • Tests for lever functioning
  • Blood cultures
  • Genetic testing

STD Testing

Anyone who wants to undergo STD testing must request it specially, as it is not the part of a standard physical examination. At Middle Country Medical Care, we offer safe and confidential STD testing and treatment as well. Patients diagnosed with an STD are treated properly.

STD’s are serious infections and pose threats of chronic symptoms and side effects. Get yourself tested on regular basis and always participate in safe sex.

Urine Analysis

Doctors use urine analysis as a diagnostic tool to diagnose a large assortment of systematic aliments. This test gives quality information to the physicians about his patient.

A urine analysis is prescribed to:

  • find out the presence of a urinary tract infection
  • complete a physical examination
  • maintain chronic conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease and high blood pressure

Different ways are used to test the urine collected, but the simples tests is “dipstick” tests, where a test strip is dipped into the sample, and change in the color gives the signification of positive or negative results.

If you are taking any vitamins or other medications, you should notify your doctor about it, as it may affect the results of urine analysis.