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Annual Exams & Physicals

Middle Country Medical Care is a renowned medical facility for all kind of medical examinations for different purposes such as school physical, employment physical and well-woman care.

School Physical

According to the state law, a complete medical examination is required for students every year. Detailed medical report and family history is recorded on a form by the school. This physical examination usually includes checking blood pressure, height and weight, heart, lungs, abdomen, vision, ear, throat and nose examination.

We, at Middle Country Medical Care can identify if there is any need of immunizations and if needed, it will be provided.

Employment Physical

Pre-employment physical exam is requested by many employers to ensure their new staff meets the general health standards and is physically capable of performing all the required tasks.

We, Middle Country Medical Care can perform general employment physical exams to ensure that employees are ready for the job. We can also fill out all necessary forms for the employers.

Well Woman Care

To maintain a healthy, pleasant and disease free lifestyle, annual well-woman exams are extremely important. Early detection of infection, disease and any other abnormalities can help them preventing it when there is still time. It is one of the most essential steps to prevent possibility of any disease and live a healthy life.